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Print and digital media prices...

All images are taken on Nikon and Canon professional digital SLR cameras and are printed professionally by Photobox to the highest standard. Mounted orders are printed by Sim2000 and sent direct from

Print prices are as follows:- 7.5”×5” – £6.50, 9”×6” – £7.50, 12”×8” – £8.50, p&p (UK) £2.75 Discounts are applied to orders that contain two or more prints that are the same size.

Digital downloads are 1800 × 1200 pixels in size and are cheaper the more you buy, the first two are £7.50 each with prices dropping to £6 per download if you order 3 or more at the same time. Full size high resolution digital files are supplied on CD and are charged at £10 per digital file, the option to buy all your high resolution images from an event on CD is charged at £29.75.

When events are about 6 months old they are still visible to view and to purchase from but the digital download option is no longer available as we will have reduced the size of the files on our server. However we can still offer you digital files, these will be sent by us, to who will send you a download link when they are ready to download.

All images are paid for on-line with credit or debit cards. All prices include VAT @ 20%.